Android app creation using Java

What is Java?

Android apps are developed using Java Language. Java is a popular programming language and it was developed by James Gosling at Sun Microsystems in 1995. After C and C++, Java has extraordinary features. To develop Java app, it is necessary to learn the coding. Eclipse is the popular one and that was used in Java. It is available for Mac, Windows and Linux OS. Mobile app users are increasing day by day, so learn Java programming and create your first app with extraordinary features. Java Training in Chennai is highly helpful for app creation.

Core Features of Java

  1. Java is simple and easy to learn
  2. Java is object-oriented
  3. Java is secure, platform-independent, robust, portable, dynamic, etc.

Android mainly depends on Java Fundamentals. Android Software Development Kit (SDK) incorporates numerous standard Java libraries (math libraries, networking libraries, graphics libraries) in addition to that Android libraries will help you to create amazing applications. With the mobile app, we can do online billing (ticket booking, online shopping), transfer money from one account to another, an automatic reminder to do mobile billing, etc.

OOPS Basics

  1. Constructors
  2. Inheritance
  3. Polymorphism
  4. Method Overloading
  5. Method Overriding
  6. Constructor Overloading
  7. Constructor Chaining
  8. Association
  9. Aggregation
  10. Static Keyword
  11. Super Keyword
  12. Final Keyword
  13. Encapsulation
  14. Packages
  15. Access Modifiers
  16. Static and Dynamic Binding
  17. Interface, etc.

Java – Easy to Learn

Java coding is not much difficult to learn. Java is almost used in all fields, so get to know how important the Java is. Without Java, we cannot do our work easier. C and C++ are the basic ones to learn Java.

Why is Java Platform Independent?

If you install Java Development Kit (JDK) software on your PC, it will automatically install the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). For every OS, separate Java Virtual Machine (JVM) is available to read the byte code or class file. JVM has some class file and it can be readable by java compiler. Each and every OS has own JVM, so it is considered as platform independent.

Reasons to learn Java Programming Language

  1. Job opportunities in Java

Java Programmers are in great demand. The people want to become an expert in Java coding must reach FITA Academy. Trainers from top MNCs guide the individuals with real-time projects. Without proper guidance, no one can get a job in IT sectors. So learn everything about Java and build your app with extraordinary features.

  1. Supports to community

With around 10 million Java designers spread over the world, Java people group keeps on developing. Become a master in programming with Java Course in Chennai. Learning Java programming is helpful to get the wonderful career in IT sectors.

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