Career Opportunities in Testing through Selenium Training in Chennai

Introduction to Selenium

In the year 2006, Simon Stewart engineer at Google, Started to work on a project called Web driver. Google had a substantial user of Selenium, however tester need to work around the restrictions on the product. In 2006 a designer at Google named Simon Stewart began to work on Web Driver. Simon need a testing tool that spoke straight forwardly to the program utilizing the “native” method for the working environment and browser, in this way maintaining a strategic distance from the limitations of a sandboxed JavaScript environment. Selenium Training in Chennai gives a record/playback tool for creating tests without the need to learn a test scripting language

Selenium is a free automated testing framework for web applications over various platforms and browsers. It is similar to HP Quick Test Pro where Selenium concentrates on automated online applications. Selenium is not only a single tool, but rather a suite of software’s, each and every organizations are utilizing nowadays. It additionally gives a test domain-specific language to compose tests in various well known programming languages including C#, Perl, Java, PHP, Groovy, Ruby and Python. Through Selenium Training have an in-depth knowledge in testing field to learn the entire concepts. The tests can then keep running against most modern web browsers. Selenium conveys on Windows, Linux, and OS X platforms. ┬áThe following are the famous software testing job designation that includes QA Engineer, Automation Test Lead, Quality Engineer, Senior Test Engineer, Selenium Automation analyst.

Scope of Selenium in IT Industry:

In a recent survey, people have been started searching Selenium than QTP. This shows that the testing world is moving towards selenium rather than QTP. The Selenium testing tool is utilized by the numerous IT industries to test their web interfaces which incorporate Google, Facebook. Selenium has the benefit of conveying the produced test scripts in an effective way, it helps to reuse the scripts in the automated test framework. Consequently, because of this many training institutes have started Selenium Course in Chennai. Since Selenium is the most required fields, it has a great opening with the high salary package. Thus, Selenium has the greater scope in the software industry. Learn this course to become an expert in IT field.