10 Safety Tips when you take a car for Self drive

Nowadays, Self-drive trip becoming popular and driving became more challenge in major cities because of narrow roads and heavy traffic. Many Car Rental in Chennai are available to have a wonderful trip with good quality of facilities and here are some safety tips for the self-drive with your family and friends.

Safety Tips to note

Check the car before you start your journey and make sure your tyres must be in good condition. For the long trip, it is always recommended to have 2 spare tyres. Also check the oil, water level, wiper blades, lights and for any leakages.

Don’t drive when you are very tired. Take rest and then drive or else swap with your colleague if he or she has a license to drive.

When you are traveling with your kids, stop your car often- not just for relax and snacks, but also to have fun with your children. Take enough snacks and food with you for your kids.

Always it is advisable to use GPS and Road Maps. Many credible Car Rentals in Chennai such as Spice Car Rental provide rental cars with road maps and GPS with no extra charge.

If you are going to drive a rental car, make sure of familiarizing the parts and equipment of the car. Because when the car gets repaired you can easily find out the faults

Traffic rules always protect you from unexpected accidents on the road, for example, don’t drive without the seatbelt, don’t drink and drive.

Don’t start driving without filling your diesel tank since you may not know the next petrol bunk.

Many roads are narrow, even some roads are without pedestrian walks. Therefore drivers must be attentive to note other road users such as students, cyclists.

Most of the interior areas do not have clear network coverage. So you are advised to use satellite mobile phone

Turn on a radio or hear some music when you are driving alone at night, to avoid sleepy mode. When it’s raining, the roads are slippery so be careful and control your speed at that time.

The above are the safety tips to note when you are traveling for a long drive. Before you start your trip with the rental car, make sure you choose the best Car Rental Chennai with all above safety tips that satisfy your requirements.

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