3 Most Popular PHP Frameworks

3 Most Popular PHP Frameworks

A PHP framework gives a structure to web developers to build the applications. Many frameworks are comprised of PHP. Rewriting the codes is prevented by these frameworks as well as reduce time consumption. Php frameworks help for continuous web application enhancement by providing a strong structure.

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Top 3 PHP best framework is given below:

Laravel Framework

This PHP framework is useful for handling complicated web applications very faster as well as more securely. Routing, authentication, and other web project tasks will be easier with the support of this Framework.

Benefits of Laravel Framework

  • Using the laravel framework is beneficial for Constructing web applications more scalable and highly secured and preventing web applications from web attacks.
  • Managing and gathering the resources with the use of many interfaces and namespaces in the Laravel framework.
  • Laravel framework allows reusing components that save more time for the developer to create the application.
  • This framework allows automation testing.

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CodeIgniter Framework

This framework is an application enhancement framework. It helps to reduce the volume of code required for an assigned task and presents simple solutions to complicated coding issues.

CodeIgniter offers a comprehensive set of libraries and their logical structure, simplistic interfaces for creating a faster application. Installation of this framework is easy, and it needs less user configuration.

Benefits of CodeIgniter

  • This framework is completely open-source.
  • In database tasks, CodeIgniter is much quicker than other frameworks.
  • Installation is easy and completely documented, Therefore it is suitable for PHP beginners.
  • It presents default security tools and exceptional performance.
  • CodeIgniter has some peculiarities that lead to defend web applications from security warnings like SQL injection, scripting attack, and remote code execution.

Symfony Framework

Symfony is another PHP best framework. It has its own set of PHP components for website creation. This framework is suitable for developing huge business projects.

Symfony combines with PHP Unit and a self-governing library. It is adaptable and manages business applications with billions of connections.

Advantage of Symfony 

  • It is a more flexible and robust framework.
  • As Symfony is an open-source framework, it permits the developer to build a web application without any limitation.
  • It protects websites from SQL injection.
  • This framework offers easy maintenance and code reuse.

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