How Do Massages Help In Improving Your Mental Health?

When it comes to health, focusing on both mental and physical health is very mandatory. What we do is focus more on physical health. Mental health is connected with feelings, thinking, psychology and conscious state. A healthy mind will give you a healthy body. Try to maintain both physical and mental health in the same way. In this blog, we are going to discuss how do massages help in improving your mental health. 

What is a Massage?

Massage is a therapy for body tissues that are manipulated and get soothed. The techniques used in massages are kneading, pressing, soothing, effleurage, hitting, tapping, compressing and giving pressure. There are many types of massages and you can choose them according to your need. If you are a sportsperson then you can go with sports massage, if you have a bone problem then proceed with deep tissue massage. Every massage has its unique benefits. Some of the massages have the practice of using essential oils during the massage session. The massages that use essential oils are aromatherapy and Balinese massage. You can choose the essential oil based on your wish or on your medical history. If you don’t have any idea of selecting a massage, then you can get suggestions from your therapist. Before getting a massage for body pain, inform them about all the pain points to your therapist because they will focus more on that points. There are many massage oils for body pain, choose them according to your convenience. Get a Body Massage in Anna Nagar and delight yourself.

Mental problems that affect our whole body

Mental problems are very dangerous than physical injuries. Some of the common physical problems are stress, anxiety, bipolar disorder, sleeping disorder and depression. The problems are very common among people and you don’t want to worry if you have any one of these. 

Stress: When we get tensed or over thoughts are loaded in our brain, then automatically our brain gets the stress. This stress will affect the muscles in the body and leads to body pain. This is why we get tired when we have a long day. 

Depression: Sometimes we feel sad for no reason and lose interest in everything which is the state of depression. The major thing in depression is it highly affects your sleep. Lack of sleep will definitely affect the functionality of the organs in the body.

Bipolar disorder: This is nothing but a mood swing in which a person will feel happy and the next moment sad. A person who has bipolar disorder will have constant energy loss, lack of stress and restlessness. It sometimes leads to suicidal thoughts which are very dangerous. 

Sleeping disorder: The causes for lack of sleeping are stress, depression, indigestion and so many. Lack of sleep will definitely affect your entire human body and also may affect your immune power.

Anxiety: It is one of the mental problems that lead to lack of sleep, feeling sad, restless and uneasy. It leads to a faster heartbeat, tensed and sweat. If you have anxiety your body weight will decrease drastically. 

These disorders will show symptoms in your physical body also. So, treating them is very mandatory in maintaining our body healthy. Get your favourite massage at Spa in Chennai and get pampered.

Massages that help in treating mental problems?

Let us discuss some of the common massages that help in treating mental problems. If you are looking for a Spa in Velachery, then get into Le Bliss Spa. 

Shiatsu massage

This massage includes the techniques as same as Thai massage. It includes long strokes, compressing, hitting, pushing and giving pressure. These techniques help in relieving stress and mental pressure. This massage is the best and the first suggested massage for stress relief. Applying pressure on the muscles will reduce the production of stress hormones “adrenaline” and “cortisol”. 

Swedish massage

It is a classic massage that includes all the techniques used in the massage. This massage origin from Sweden, where it is very famous.  Swedish is both relaxing and refreshing. During the massage, the various techniques used help in increasing the secretion of happy hormones like serotonin, oxytocin and dopamine. 

Thai massage

This is a massage that includes the practice of yoga positions. When there is a blockage in the life energy, it may also lead to mental problems like sleeping disorder, bipolar disorder and depression. Thai massage helps in removing all the blockages in the energy channel. The yoga positions will promote relaxation and helps a lot with mental problems.

Pregnancy massage

During the time of pregnancy, women will face problems like stress, mood swing, depression and anxiety. These things will definitely affect the growth of the baby. The therapist who performs a prenatal massage knows all about the position, methods and the pressure to be applied. This massage will give a relaxing feel for both mother and baby.

Sports massage

Sports massage is mainly suggested for sportsperson and people who involves in many physical activities. If your mental health is weak, then concentration on games will get affected. So, having good mental health is a major factor to win your game. The techniques in this massage are similar to deep tissue massage.

Hot stone massage

This massage includes the practice of hot stones during the massage session. In this massage, the hot and smooth stones are placed on certain points of the body parts. These stones will help in loosening up the tight muscles and relax the mind. Gentle massage with the stones will boost up your mood. 

Acupressure massage

Acupressure massage is the one in which the expert will give pressure on the acupressure points. The therapist will apply pressure on the middle of two eyebrows which helps in reducing the stress. The heavy gate point is located on the upper shell of the ear which helps in treating the anxiety.

In this blog, we have discussed the mental problems and the massages that help in treating them. Have good mental health by getting a Massage Centre in Chennai. Get your massage by booking your appointment today!.