Know more about the fat-burning massages and their techniques

Beauty and health are just like two faces of a coin. We are concerned about these two things more and more. When it comes to beauty we all crave an admiring outlook. In the case of health, we need a healthy and fit body. Are you tired of searching for weight loss methods on the internet? Also, are you done with doing enough exercise, yoga, and diet plans?. Yet, you can not reach your health goals? Then, why not give a try for a massage? Looking for the next alternative choice? Do you know massages can burn your calories and make you fit and healthy? Yes, getting a massage in a way helps to reduce the fat in your body.  When the fat in our body is excess it can lead to disease and disorders so, reducing our extra fat is mandatory in the perception of our health. On getting a massage maybe you could reach your health goals at ease! If you are looking for the best Massage in Velachery, then walk into Le Bliss Spa. Here in this blog, let us see more about fat-burning massages and the techniques involved in them.

Fat burning massage oils

Fat-burning massage oil is nothing but a combination of essential oil and carrier oils. The essential oils are more concentrated and they are not supposed to be used directly on the skin, so it is blended with some of the carrier oils. This fat-burning oil massage will relax your mind, regulate digestive, respiratory, and nervous systems. You can also prepare this fat-burning oil at home. Some of the common fat-burning oils for massage (essential oils) are Sweet orange, Peppermint, Fennel, Lemon, Grapefruit, Sage, Cinnamon, and Ginger. The massage or carrier oils are Avocado, Jojoba, Coconut, and Almond. The fragrance of these oils differ and you can choose the oil based on your medical issues.

Step by step procedure for fat-burning massage

In this massage, the therapist will begin in the region of the neck, shoulder and then continue with the hand, foot and hip. Let’s discuss the common procedure of a fat-burning massage. If you are looking for a Body Massage in Anna Nagar then step forward into Le Bliss Spa that offers you massage services at an affordable price.

Neck and shoulder massage

As the first step, the therapist will massage the neck and shoulder region using the massage oil. The therapist will tilt your head to the upward position and give you 7 to 8 gliding strokes in the upward direction. It calms down the central nervous system and makes you feel relaxed. Then continued with massaging at the backside of the neck region.

Hand massage

Then the therapist will move ahead with the hand region. The elbows and the arms are the very important part of our hands that should be focused more during the massage. The therapist will give a soothing massage to the elbow joints, fingers and arms. These are the parts where the muscle knots and tension occur. So, massaging these regions can give relief from your entire muscle pain.

Foot massage

Further continued with the leg region. Here the feet is the most important part because it consists of many nerves and trigger points. Always a foot massage gives us the extreme feeling of relaxation. The therapist will massage the toes region and the flat feet using the palm. This regulates the endocrine gland and increases the secretion of happy hormones. 

Hip massage 

The therapist will give you a soothing massage at the hip and waist region to reduce the excess fat. The cholesterol will be accumulated in the region of the hip which leads to obesity and other related diseases. Some of the strong strokes are given at the region of the hip to remove the cholesterol. 

Other common fat-burning massages

Some common massages also help in fat burning like acupressure points massage, aromatherapy massage, Swedish massage, Thai massage, and so on. Let us discuss it more. Get into the Massage Spa in Anna Nagar and get delighted by booking your massage appointment today.

Acupressure points massage

These Acupressure points are also called “Trigger points” which are responsible for the functioning of the inner organs. Trigger massage also helps in reducing body fat easily. There are lots and lots of trigger points in our body.  There are trigger points to regulate inner organs, appetite, heart rate, blood sugar level, and pressure. These trigger points also have the ability to regulate the seven chakras of the body. When these seven chakras are imbalanced it may cause many disorders and problems in our physical health. If you are searching for a spa near me then get into Le Bliss Spa in Chennai.

Aromatherapy massage

It is a kind of fat-burning massage. It includes the practice of essential oils which plays a major role in burning fat. In this massage, the therapist uses high-level pressure and long strokes. The common fat-burning massage oils used in the massage are peppermint, lavender, lemon, rosemary, and orange. These essential oils make this aromatherapy massage special and unique. It is like the next version of a Swedish massage.

Swedish massage

This massage is a popular massage that is preferred by most people. It has the capacity to burn out all the fat in our body. This massage is almost like a full body massage which is suggested by all the therapists. The speciality of this massage is it consists of all the massage techniques. The therapist will give an accurate amount of pressure on the waist which helps in reducing the extra calories.

Thai massage

This massage does not include any practice of massage lotion or essential oil but it is very effective in burning the fats in our body. They follow the practice of yoga and acupressure therapy. The yoga asana regulates your respiratory system and helps in stretching your whole body. These help in burning out the extra calories and remove the debris in the skin in the form of sweat.

If you are searching for a Massage Centre in Chennai then step into Le Bliss Spa. These massages can help you in burning all your extra calories and make your appearance fit. These are the common massages that are preferred for fat-burning.