What are the general OCD symptoms that require diagnosis?

OCD symptoms and treatment
OCD symptoms and treatment

We come across so many people in our lives whose behaviour seems to be a little different. They are obsessive about something and their habits tend to be a little strange but their actions are normal. Often we mistake them and use wrong words against them. We never know what they go through in their life. Let us give a thought to these situations once in a while. It could be of a condition called OCD. It is a mental health disorder of the people. The best psychiatrist in Chennai helps us understand and make things clear. Let us see the symptoms of OCD. 

 Common symptoms of OCD:

People with the condition of OCD have obsessions and compulsions. OCD treatment in Chennai has been given to the people for the early diagnoses and for the recovery. In obsession, the patient deals with unwanted thoughts, rude behaviour, and certain commands that trigger their intense feelings. In case of compulsion, they try to get rid of obsessions and decrease his distress to a certain extent. People normally hold both or any one of them. It will not be possible for people to even realize it. They start enjoying it and it is very hard to take back those obsessions again. These two obsessions and compulsions cover unusual things. They clean so many times or have rude thoughts and exhibit them right away.  

Obsessive thoughts might include:

  • Feeling anxious 
  • Fear of germs or getting dirty
  • Worry about getting injured
  • Need to place things in exact order
  • Belief in specific numbers or colours
  • Aware of blinking, breathing and other body sentiments
  • The suspicion that a partner is unfaithful

Compulsive habits include:

  • Cleaning things many times
  • Repeating any task in a specific order
  • Checking on doors, lights repeatedly
  • Counting things like steps 
  • Fear of shaking hands
  • Fear of touching doorknobs and using public toilets

The actual cause is not completely understood. Many theories have come out and made us understand things clearly. Workplace counselling is also effectively given to people who suffer from stress and other mental health-related issues. These are the general OCD symptoms that require diagnosis at an early stage. Cognitive behaviour therapy is an effective treatment for this type of illness. Doctors might also prescribe certain therapies to overcome it at a faster rate. Apart from taking medicines and carrying out therapies, consulting a psychiatrist is equally important. Visit a specialist and prevent the condition from becoming worse. 


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