Advantages of Using C++ for Cross-Platform Mobile Development

Advantages of Using C++ for Cross-Platform Mobile Development

In recent years, the smartphone industry has experienced rapid growth. A sizable fraction of the global population now has one or more cellphones. People increasingly depend on their telephones to get things done as they become more powerful daily. Smartphones can assist you in almost any situation, from grocery shopping to finding a new job! There is an app for it! 

Although several smartphone operating systems exist, Android and iOS are the most popular. Each platform has its app store, Google Play (Android) and the App Store (iOS), with thousands of free and paid apps. And most apps, at least the major ones, are available on both platforms.

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The Visual Studio installation includes a workload for mobile programming in C++. It installs the SDKs and technologies essential for developing cross-platform shared libraries and native apps. After installing C++, you may use it to create code that programs on iOS and Android devices and platforms, as well as Windows, the Windows Store, and Xbox.

In this blog post, we’ll go through the Advantages of Using C++ for Cross-Platform Mobile Development.

C++ for Mobile App Development

C++ is still in demand. That is, in fact, an understatement. C++ isn’t fading; it’s still quite popular and in high demand among C++ development firms. Although several programming languages, including Java, Swift, JavaScript, C#, Kotlin, Python, and others, are used to construct mobile apps for multiple platforms, C++ remains the preferred programming language for many C++ developers, including those designing mobile platforms. People are using C++ to create multi-platform mobile apps. The three most popular mobile systems, iOS, Android, and Windows, all support C++ programming.

You can create an application once and reuse it across platforms without sacrificing performance or security. As a result, if you intend to distribute your business programme across several platforms (which is frequently the case), stick with C++. You don’t want to keep hiring various teams, giving directions, providing documentation, etc. 

Why Choose C++?

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Availability of a wide range of features

C++ includes many features, such as library support, containers, maps, hash tables, etc. These qualities ensure that the product is as good as the work of the programmers. The features “assist” programmers. Another feature of C++ is pointer support, an essential tool in coding that supports optimal memory utilisation. Furthermore, C++ is an object-oriented programming language that employs data abstraction and encapsulation principles. Some of these characteristics are unique to C++, making it a distinct and appropriate choice.

Impressive Speed

Speed is crucial in the context of mobile phone apps, particularly games. Because it is a compiler-based language, C++ is faster than many other programming languages. It is closer to the machine. Because of C++’s incredible speed, you can be confident that your app’s users will enjoy using it, as well as the developers who will enjoy building it.

Memory management

Memory management is another important aspect of mobile development. The C++ programming language can be written to run without a garbage collector. Occasionally, a garbage collector runs and destroys all useless objects from the programme code. However, one disadvantage of garbage collectors is that they use resources when they run. Furthermore, they may run at inconvenient times and may fail to run when you want them to. 


Another reason that makes C++ an excellent choice for development is its versatility. Besides app development, C++ can be used for library construction, operating system design and maintenance, and general software design. Furthermore, C++ can be used with other coding languages, such as Java and Python.


Hopefully, you enjoyed this blog and now understand everything about the C++, including the Advantages of Using C++ for Cross-Platform Mobile Development. You can gain more expertise and ability in designing dynamic and interactive web applications by studying C C++ Training in Coimbatore at FITA Academy.