What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Loadrunner?

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What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Loadrunner?

LoadRunner supports many technologies, communication protocols, and programming tools. This is the only tool on the market supporting many performance testing methods. LoadRunner software’s performance test results are compared to those of other devices as a benchmark. To learn more about loadrunner, join LoadRunner Training In Chennai at FITA Academy.

Micro Focus makes the software testing tool LoadRunner. Application testing, system behaviour analysis, and load testing are all done with it. LoadRunner can simulate thousands of users using an application simultaneously while recording and assessing the performance of essential application components.

LoadRunner supports different technologies, programming tools, and communication protocols. Each product on the market supports more protocols for Performance Testing than this one. The outcomes of the LoadRunner software’s performance tests are contrasted with those of other tools. 

Every automation tool, including those for performance testing, should only be utilised when necessary, considering the client’s needs, budget, and other factors. I’d want to outline the benefits and drawbacks of using LoadRunner as it is the sole focus of this blog.

Advantages Of Loadrunner

1)It doesn’t need to be installed on the test server. Native monitors are employed—the Windows perfmon or the Unix rstatd daemon.

2)uses languages like Java, VB, and ANSI C as its primary programming language.

3)Good monitoring and analysis interface with reports in simple, graphical, coloured charts.

4)most protocols are supported2.

5)simplifies correlation3 a great deal. Later, we shall go deeper into correlation through several postings.

6)Excellent GUI script created with just one click of the mouse; of course, the script would need to be altered to suit your needs.

7)HP offers tutorials, thorough documentation, and ongoing tool support.

Disadvantages Of Loadrunner

The one drawback that comes to mind is the tool’s exorbitant cost. However, this can be offset over time when you start seeing a positive return on investment.

1)To represent the acquired protocol data and manipulate the data for playback, programming/scripting language is utilised.

2)The language your client uses to communicate with the system is called a protocol.

3)To enable successful playback of changing data, correlation is a method of replacing values.


This blog will inform you about the advantages and disadvantages of loadrunner.To learn more about the advantages of loadrunner, join Loadrunner Training Online to learn at your own pace.