Why Are Polycarbonate Sheets Favored In The Construction Industry?

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The construction industry is the fastest-growing sector and has consumers worldwide. One of the materials that are commonly used in the industry is polycarbonate sheets. These sheets are well-known for their excellent characteristics and physical properties. Polycarbonate sheets are plastic roofing sheets made of thermoplastic polymer with the help of advanced technology. Hence, polycarbonate sheets are highly transparent and find application in various fields. It is used in skylights, window glazing, sign faces, aerospace, and many more. Traditionally, people used acrylic sheets for windows and wall partitions. But, with the help of advanced technology, polycarbonate sheets replaced acrylic sheets because of their high stability. Hence, in this post, listed below are some reasons that favor polycarbonate sheets in the construction industry.


The foremost thing that polycarbonate sheets are popular in the construction industry is resistance. Many architects and interior designers use polycarbonate roofing sheets in place of glass sheets. These sheets are 200 times stronger and serve the same purpose as glass sheets. Polycarbonate sheets are unbreakable and provide more safety than glass. Like metal roofing sheets, polycarbonate sheets are resistant to high temperatures and can withstand up to 240 degrees Fahrenheit. Hence, it has more resistance compared to acrylic and glass sheets.


Similar to glass sheets, polycarbonate sheets are transparent and allow 90% of the sunlight to pass through them. Some polycarbonate sheets have a UV protection coating and repel UV rays entering through them. The UV polycarbonate sheets are the combination of general polycarbonate sheets with UV coating treatment on both sides. Hence, due to their transparency and UV protection, they are used in greenhouses and conservatories.


Polycarbonate sheets are light in weight and yield high tensile strength. The polycarbonate sheet has half the thickness of the glass sheets and is 1/15 of its glass proportion. Hence, it can save the cost of transportation, installation, and support structure. It is an excellent roofing solution for the stadiums because it does not block the surroundings but provides protection effectively.


Polycarbonate sheets are highly flexible and can be hot-bended or cold-bended while installing. The bending capacity of the polycarbonate sheet is 175 times the thickness of the sheet. So, these sheets find applications in arches, windows, and semi-circular roofs to meet the building requirements.

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